I have this really weird relationship with coconut. I love the flavor and scent, but can’t stand the texture of the stuff in candy, cakes, or anything else. Basically, if I want to taste coconut, I have to have it in some sort of drink form. Since I’m a big fan of tea at night, when I saw Tea Forté’s Coconut Collection, and noticed the unique flavor combinations, I knew I had to give it a try. I received the Coconut Petite Ribbon Box with three different blends, including Coconut Chai Latte, Coconut Chocolate Truffle, and Coconut Mango.

Tea Forté's Coconut Collection Review

It shouldn’t come to a shock to anyone that the Coconut Chocolate Truffle was my favorite, given my extreme love for all things chocolate. It tastes just like I imagine a rich, expensive truffle would taste, minus the weird texture that keeps me from indulging, of course. It’s sweet enough without adding sugar, although I do suggest a little cream since it’s made with black tea. The Chai is a close second, with the spices taking the center stage and coconut a strong backup role. I added sugar and milk because that’s just how you’re supposed to make chai, in my opinion. While the Chocolate Truffle and Chai Latte make a strong statement and work great as dessert teas, the Coconut Mango Colada is more of a “hang out with your friends and enjoy light hearted conversation” tea. The mango flavor mixes with the coconut and vanilla perfectly, but I did find that adding a little sugar really enhanced the overall taste.

The presentation of the tea itself lets you know that you’re in for a unique treat. I really like the whole pyramid infuser tea bag style. The cute green stem acts as your “string,” bending down to hug the cup and stay in place. The blend looks like loose tea, full of whole bits of deliciousness, but more convenient since I still don’t own one of those little infusers (I forget that I need one every time I’m out shopping).  It’s definitely high quality stuff! The combinations of flavors make this a great year-round tea. Enjoy it hot in the winter, or splash it over ice for a cool summer beverage.


Tea Forté is giving one of my readers a full-size Coconut Ribbon Box, with 20 pyramid infusers, including seven each of the Coconut Chocolate Truffle and Chai Latte, and six Coconut Mango Coladas. Just follow the directions on the Rafflecopter form to enter. Giveaway ends Feb. 24h at 12:01AM, and is open to US  residents age 18+. Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond. Void where prohibited.

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Tea Forté's Coconut Collection Review