Treasure Buddies Blu-Ray/DVD ReviewThose cuter-than-cute little talking golden retrievers are back in a brand new Buddies adventure, Treasure Buddies. This time they’re traveling all the way to Egypt to find the lost Cats of Jewel of Cleocatra, animal-kind’s most amazing treasure. While this isn’t the farthest the Buddies have traveled (remember, they’ve been to space!), it’s probably the farthest from home they’ve ever been while staying on the planet. In addition to the regular cast, including my favorite (Budderball) Treasure Buddies  introduces a few new characters to the mix. The Buddies will need the help of their new friend, Digger, who just happens to be an archeologist dog!  I wish I had a dog that could search out treasures. I tried training Maia to do it, since she’s the closest thing I have to a golden retriever, but she’s entirely too lazy. Cooper would just eat any treasure he found, and Tasha, well, she’d fetch it if I threw it, but as for finding stuff, it’s not really her thing.

The Buddies also work with a mischievous little monkey wearing, of course, a Fez, because no monkey ensemble would be complete without one. Throw in a baby camel, booby-traps, tricky puzzles,  and an arch-nemesis cat, and you have a fantastic adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Jake, of course, loved it, as he loves all things Buddies. His favorite part was the bug-eating scene, because apparently all boys like really gross stuff.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack includes two discs, so you can watch it in either format. The Disney Movie Rewards bonus points includes a special offer for a free Treasure Buddies plus (plus $2.99 S&H). I snagged it because I think it will go great in Jake’s Easter basket. See, I’m thinking ahead! Both discs feature a brand-new music video, “Roam,” by the cast of Shake it Up, on the Disney Channel, and a really cute tour of B-Dawg’s home (Hanging with B-Dawg), a la “Cribs” style. Those of you who remember the early 90’s, yes, it is the same “Roam” song originally performed by the B-52’s.

Up for even more Buddies fun? How about some printable crafts and activities? Just click the banner below and save the zip file. It includes a fun Hieroglyphic Decoder game, a food mirage hidden object game, and more.

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Treasure Buddies Blu-Ray/DVD Review