Educational Insights Blurt! Game Review + GiveawayI love board games designed for kids, but I really adore board games that can be equally enjoyed by both kids and adults. Blurt! by Educational Insights is one of those games that can easily cross generations and provide hours of entertainment for everyone in the family. The game lives up to its “uproarious word race” tag line, with players blurting out answers to clues in an attempt to be the first to guess correctly.

Starting up a new game of Blurt! is incredibly simple. You don’t have to worry about spending twenty minutes reading a series of complicated instructions or explaining the rules a dozen times before everyone grasps it. Basically, you set out the game board, put the card holder on the table, pick teams, and get started. Teams (or individual players) take turns acting as a reader. Each card has six clues–three easier ones on the front, and three harder ones on the back. The reader rolls the dice to determine which clue will be read, and the other players blurt out answers until someone hits the right one. The correct guesser moves the number of spaces on the dice, and this continues until someone has made it all the way around the board.


Since I prefer games that can be varied from their original intention in some way, I was really happy to see that the instructions included a few challenges to add to the game, as well as a junior version that encourages kids to work on their spelling. Children ages 7-9 can play a variation where they write down the answer and get extra points for spelling it correctly.

Jacob isn’t quite 7 yet, so I wasn’t sure how well he’d do with this game. I requested it as a party game for when my brother and his lovely bride-to-be come up. I was really surprised to find out that his vocabulary is far more extensive than I originally thought, although he did get one wrong. When presented with the clue “these are the openings of the nose,” he blurted “nose holes!” Well, hey, technically that’s correct!

Educational Insights Blurt! Game Review + Giveaway

If you eventually use all 1,800 clues, you can change the game up by making the reader come up with new clues using anything but the one on the card. I also suggest taking just the Blurt! cards with you on long trips and making it a travel game. Keep score on a scrap of paper, first one to 20 (or whatever number you all choose) wins.



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Educational Insights Blurt! Game Review + Giveaway