You know what’s funny? I’ve never actually gone out on St. Patrick’s Day. Mostly because I rebelled against the holiday, since I’m pagan, as were the “snakes” that St. Patrick drove out of Ireland.  But I’ve decided that since I celebrate Christmas and Easter for reasons other than the religious ones, it’s okay for me to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day too. After all, my Dad was pretty much completely Irish (and a little English, but he refused to admit that), so I’ll just consider it my way of connecting with his spirit.

I’ll be off in NYC celebrating the holiday by watching the parade for the first time ever, and quite possibly imbibing in some sort of green liquid. Luckily, I have an awesome review product to try out to ensure that I’m not suffering the next day. Be sure to keep an eye out for that some time next week! In the mean time, enjoy this infographic from about how Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.