Protect Your Skin From The Sun Year Round With CoppertoneWhile many people believe that sunscreen is only a necessity in the summer months when the sun is beating down, it’s actually important year round. In fact, it may be even more important during the winter, when the sun’s rays bounce off the snow and right back into your unprotected face. Even if you’re living in an area that didn’t see much snow this year (Jake is still upset about our lack of blizzards, but I’m relieved after last year!), you should be applying sunscreen any time you plan to spend more than a few minutes outside. Cloudy days, rainy days, or bright days- it’s all the same when it comes to protecting your skin.

Coppertone has been synonymous with sunscreen in my mind since I was a kid. I still remember that iconic ad with the puppy tugging on the toddler’s bathing suit. The brand is familiar and comforting because it reminds me of summers spent traipsing through the woods with friends seeking adventure and excitement. While Coppertone’s high standards of producing quality sunscreen has always remained consistent, the products have changed a lot over the years. I had a chance to try out three different products from their line of sunscreen, including two for sensitive skin.

Coppertone Sensitive Skin Lotion and Face Lotion SPF 50 Sunscreen

Both the Sensitive Skin Body and Face Lotions are made with a hypoallergenic formula. They contain zinc oxide, which is basically the active ingredient in sunscreen, but they’re completely free of any dyes, alcohol, fragrances or oils. The main difference between the body lotion and the face lotion is that the one designed for your face won’t clog your pores. Both are safe for most sensitive skin types, including those with rosacea.

My favorite feature of the Sensitive Skin formulas, aside from the fact that they won’t irritate my skin, is that the lotions smooth on easily and absorb quickly. One of the biggest challenges I face with sunscreen is applying it correctly. If it doesn’t spread evenly, I end up missing patches. Since I burn like toast set too high in the toaster, those spots that I miss are very noticeable. Basically, I look like someone went all Jackson Pollock with red paint across my body!

Coppertone Water Babies Foaming Lotion SPF 75+ Sunscreen

This is the stuff that brings back memories, since my mom used it on me when I was little. Well, not the foaming style, I don’t think they had that back then. Coppertone Water Babies is the brand that pediatricians recommend most. It’s hypoallergenic and super gentle on your little ones. Even though it’s made for babies, I still use it on Jacob because of its high SPF protection. In fact, I may even use it on myself, because some days I need a little more protection from the sun.

If you head over to Coppertone’s website and check in the bottom right corner, you’ll see that you can get a $1 off Coupon for any Coppertone product. Start stocking up now, because if this winter (or lack thereof) is any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be a hot summer!

Protect Your Skin From The Sun Year Round With Coppertone