Bushkill FallsLast week, Sal and I took advantage of a gorgeous day and some free time in the early afternoon to take a quick trip up the road to Bushkill Falls, aka the Niagara of the Poconos. I really wanted to work on my photography skills and being outside in nature seemed like a great way to pass the time before I had to pick Jake up from the bus stop, especially since I would be stuck indoors at the mall for the next two weeks.

For those who aren’t local to the Poconos (I know at least one of my faithful readers is from this area), Bushkill Falls is referred to as “the Niagara of Pennsylvania,” because it’s one of the most popular natural tourist attractions. It features a series of eight different waterfalls, all connected by hiking trails and wooden bridges. Visitors can choose from three different paths of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. For those who just want a short walk through the woods and a view of the most popular parts of Bushkill Falls, the green trail only takes about 20 minutes and doesn’t require any major climbing. Hardcore hikers and adventurers can take the red trail, which includes ascending very steep steps and climbing over rough terrain. Sal and I opted for the middle ground- the yellow trail.

Views from Bushkill Falls

The yellow trail took us past some of the best features of the falls, including the main falls themselves. I particularly love how the water is all calm in one spot, then crazy fast just a few feet away. It’s kind of like a metaphor for life!

100 2690 Bushkill Falls (The Niagara Of Pennsylvania): Fun Things To Do in The Poconos

We stayed on the system of wooden bridges for the most part, as we didn’t really have time to go adventuring off on the other trails. I’ll be honest, the bridges did scare me a little. Don’t get me wrong, they’re perfectly sturdy, but we were pretty high up in some places. I actually asked Sal to hold on to the back of my shirt when I got too close to the railing to lean slightly for a picture. See that bridge way up at the top in this picture below? We were all the way up there. I’m not sure if the sheer height comes through in the picture, but to me it’s pretty darn high!

100 2714 Bushkill Falls (The Niagara Of Pennsylvania): Fun Things To Do in The Poconos

I’m a super klutz by nature, so of course I almost fell walking down a set of particularly steep steps. Apparently, I move way too quickly, and would probably be fine if I just slowed down a bit. I don’t think that’s true. I’d probably still find a way to fall down!

100 2711 Bushkill Falls (The Niagara Of Pennsylvania): Fun Things To Do in The Poconos

This spot was really cool. Just a few feet before it, the river is wide open and gushing. Then, all of the sudden, it narrows and all that water has to squeeze through a tiny opening. A few feet later, it’s back to rushing along at its usual pace.

100 2728 Bushkill Falls (The Niagara Of Pennsylvania): Fun Things To Do in The Poconos

I was also fascinated by the paisley water in one spot. Isn’t it pretty?

100 2706 Bushkill Falls (The Niagara Of Pennsylvania): Fun Things To Do in The Poconos

By the time we were done with our 45-minute walk around Bushkill Falls, my legs were killing me from all the climbing. Still, it was fun and I really want to go back to try the 2-hour trail. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment!

Heads up to locals- If your zip code begins with 183, you can get into Bushkill Falls for free. You’ll still have to pay $6 for your kids ages 4-10, according to the woman at the ticket counter, but at least it cuts down on some costs. Kids ages 3 and younger are free, but this is not a stroller-friendly place. If you’re not from the area, the cost of an adult admission is $11. Aside from the hiking trails, you can also mine for gemstones, rent paddle boats, or play some mini golf, so you can definitely make a full day visiting the park. If you’re looking for things to do in the Poconos, definitely consider checking out Bushkill Falls!

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