Conceive Easy Trying to Conceive (TTC) Starter Kit GiveawayI’m pretty sure I’ve shared my experiences trying to conceive with you all before, but just in case you didn’t catch one of those posts, it took me six years to get pregnant with Jacob. During those six years, I learned a lot about different methods of enhancing your fertility. I tried numerous tactics, from ovulation predictor kits to herbal remedies to keeping a statue of a fertility god under my bed (I’m not kidding!). Did you know that the average, healthy woman in her 30s only has a 20% chance of getting pregnant in any given month? Throw in even the most minor hormonal imbalance or change in menstrual cycles, and that percentage drops even more. As far as my reproductive organs were concerned, I was a healthy woman, and I was only in my 20s when I was trying to conceive. Still, I spent six torturous years waiting to become a mommy.

My days of trying to conceive are over. I promised the universe that if I was able to have just one child, I’d never try again. Jacob’s birth was tumultuous and traumatizing, so I really have no desire to ever go through all of that again. However, all those years of trying gave me a lot more knowledge of how it all works than I would wish on even my worst enemy. Seriously, no woman should have to know the pain of trying to conceive and failing every month. It’s beyond devastating. One of the things I learned is how certain supplements can help enhance your fertility, especially when taken together. They work by balancing out all those hormones that go into making a baby- estrogen, progesterone, FSH, and LH. Purchasing all of the products separately and remembering to take the right combination is a major pain in the butt. Conceive Easy combines different supplements into their own proprietary blend, making it much easier to take.

The Trying to Conceive (TTC) Starter Kit contains everything you need to increase your fertility and help you get pregnant faster with their all-natural solution. For a limited time, you can even choose to customize your kit with any combination of an exclusive bonus gift of 20 free pregnancy tests, 20 free ovulation tests, or 10 pregnancy & 10 ovulation tests (a $72 value). If you’re anything like I was, the combination pack would really come in handy.

In their own words:

FertiBella’s ConceiveEasy® TTC Kit™ System is an all-in-one system that is designed to dramatically increase your chances of conception. ConceiveEasy is doctor formulated and clinically proven to help treat the 7 most-common reasons of infertility, including: hormonal imbalances, progesterone deficiency, poor quality cervical mucus, ovulatory dysfunction, high FSH levels, luteal phase defect and irregular cycles. And unlike traditional fertility treatments, ConceiveEasy is a 100% drug-free solution with no side effects.


Conceive Easy Trying to Conceive (TTC) Starter Kit Giveaway

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Conceive Easy Trying to Conceive (TTC) Starter Kit Giveaway