Easter Gift Idea: Bubele’s Patch Buddies: Toy, Blanket, and BackpackIf you’re looking for a really cute Easter gift that’s a little different than the traditional stuffed animal or wicker basket, check out Bubele’s Patch Buddies, a fun plush with its own blanket and backpack that doubles as a home for the Buddy. These super-cute little guys were designed by a family company who wanted to help children forge stronger bonds through toys. I love their unique characteristics and shapes. Jacob loves how soft they are and the fact that he can carry it in its own backpack.

Jacob received the Petite Chicken Buddy and a blue and yellow backpack that matches it perfectly. He was really excited to open up the box and discover his new surprise, especially since it combined two of his favorite things in the world- stuffed animals and a place to put more stuff. I think he takes after me a bit when it comes to storage and organizational products. Of course, just like me, he tends to randomly store and organize stuff until he can’t remember where he put everything. He is my mini-me!

Easter Gift Idea: Bubele’s Patch Buddies: Toy, Blanket, and Backpack

As you can see in the picture above, the Bubele Patch Buddy tucks into the little storage hole in the front of the backpack, so children can take their new buddy everywhere with them. The blanket is small, more like a blankie for the buddy rather than a child, but it is super soft. It would make a great snuggly for car rides! Petite Chicken is also soft and cuddly, and just the right shape for hugging.

The day Jacob’s Bubele’s Patch Buddy arrived, we decided to go for a short hike. He of course insisted on stuffing his new backpack full of “gear” that he thought we would need. He used one of the side pockets for a water bottle, and the other for a fruit snack. He really liked the fact that he could buckle the backpack across his chest in the front to keep it from sliding off. I wouldn’t recommend taking the Bubele’s Patch Buddy into the woods with you, just because I’d be worried about getting it dirty, but the backpack is definitely perfect for outdoor adventurers.

Bubele’s Patch Buddies come in 13 different varieties, including several animals and fun, colorful little guys with names  like Bruno, Tony, and Kevin Mao. Backpacks also come in a variety of colors to complement the Buddies. Check out Bubele’s Patch Buddies on Facebook and Twitter to learn more, and to keep up with exciting news.


Easter Gift Idea: Bubele’s Patch Buddies: Toy, Blanket, and Backpack