Easter Gift Idea: Gotta Getta Gund Nuzzle!I’m pretty sure Gund has been around forever, as I remember them from when I was a kid, and that definitely seems like forever ago! Actually, according to the Gund website, they’ve been around since 1898, so that’s definitely way longer than since I was little. Did you know they were one of the first companies to produce teddy bears?  Throughout all those year, Gund has consistently remained one of the most high-end plush animal companies, yet they’ve managed to keep their prices reasonable.

Gund recently came out with a new line of plush animals called Nuzzles. They’re super soft, just like you would expect from the company, and they have oversize heads that are perfect for snuggling up against. Jacob received Alice Bunny, which is just perfect for his Easter basket. Of course, Alice didn’t quite make it that far, because I wanted to get this review up before Easter so you could hear all about it. Besides, that child has a radar that alerts him to when a review product comes in for him!

Gund Nuzzles

Jake snuggling in bed with Alice Bunny

Gund Nuzzles are 18-inches big, and the head really is just the right size to use as a pillow. In fact, I tried it out before giving it to Jacob, and even my ginormous adult-sized head was comfortably cradled against Alice’s equally ginormous head. Okay, honestly, my head isn’t all that ginormous, but it’s definitely bigger than Jake’s. Nuzzles would make the perfect travel companion, especially for kids that are still in car seats or boosters. I’ve seen Jake trying to get comfortable while sleeping in his booster seat, and his head always ends up flopping to the side. That can’t be good for his neck!

I asked Jake for his review of Alice, and he said “I love him! He’s the coolest stuffed animal ever!” Yeah, he’s decided Alice is a boy, and his name is Snuggle Bunny, because Jake is not the most original when it comes to naming stuffed animals. We also have a turtle statue out front that he named Mr. Snuggles, whereas I was thinking something more along the lines of “Fred.” See, he gets his originality from me! On the other hand, his reviews consist of less than ten words, whereas mine average 400, so he definitely got his brevity from someone else!

Nuzzles are available as eight different animals, including: Monkey, Dog, Bear, Horse, Alligator, Lion, Bull, and Bunny. All of them are absolutely adorable and sure to thrill any child. Gund, of course, also makes a wide variety of other plush animals, including many that are suitable for very young children. Keep up with Gund-related news by liking Gund on Facebook, following them on Twitter, or checking out their pins on Pinterest.


Easter Gift Idea: Gotta Getta Gund Nuzzle!