Book Review: Bonding Over Beauty

Okay, I have to be honest here, aside from the fact that I once was one, I really have no clue when it comes to pre-teen and teenage girls. I have a boy, so I’m totally up on my Marvel versus DC superheroes trivia, Clone Wars versus Star Wars characters, and disgusting body humor (although I’ll never understand that one). Girls are confusing in general, and teenage girls are a whole different ballgame entirely.

If I did have a girl, I would definitely turn to the wisdom of Erika Katz in her Bonding Over Beauty book. I received the book for review and even though I don’t have a pre-teen daughter and I’m well past the teen years myself, I still found the book to be very helpful. It was written as a way to help moms and daughters bond while providing loads of valuable information about how to take care of your hair, skin, and other hygiene needs.

The book is divided into several logical sections, including hair care, skin care, makeup, hands and feet, shaving, and more. Pretty much everything a mom (or grandmother, aunt, etc) needs to teach her pre-adolescent daughter is covered in great detail. Bonding Over Beauty even has a section on aromatherapy and preparing your daughter for times away from home.

The tips in the book are fairly straight-forward, so you won’t have to weed through pages of personal stories to get to the good stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with personal stories, but when I’m reading a reference book like this, I prefer to get right to the real information. Katz covers all ethnic groups when it comes to skin and hair care. The author has a pretty impressive background to back up her writing too. She was a child actor, model, intern at Seventeen magazine, and a former cosmetology student. All of that knowledge comes through in her writing.

Bonding Over Beauty also includes several really fun skincare recipes that you and your daughter can make together to further the bonding experience. This book will help give both of you the confidence you need to make it through even the most awkward stages of the tween and teen years.

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Book Review: Bonding Over Beauty