MomME Time Sponsor: Oligonol Natual Skin SupplementThe MomME Time Giveaway Event, hosted by ShePromotes and the Maven of Social Media, begins on April 22nd at 12:00AM. I have over $100 in really awesome prizes for you, starting with Oligonol Natural Skin Care Supplement. Oligonol is a unique compound that comes from the lychee fruit. It has numerous potential benefits, including slowing the aging process of skin and reducing belly fat. The compounds in Oligonol work by boosting your circulation. Better circulation means better skin, lower fatigue levels, and a reduction in the rate that your skin develops wrinkles. It also helps boost your skin’s ability to fight harmful UV rays, although sunscreen should always be used when you’re spending time outdoors.

What is a Lychee Fruit?

The lychee fruit is a type of sweet, tropical fruit that originated in Asia, but is also grown in parts of the United States and South America. It looks kind of like a strawberry, but has a tougher skin (so it’s not as easily insulted as the strawberry?).  The lychee fruit is supposed to be extremely nutritious. I’ll admit, I’ve never even heard of it before now, so I don’t think I’ve ever tried one. It’s rich in B vitamins, which makes it beneficial to the skin and other organs in your body. Oligonol captures the benefits of the lychee fruit and harnesses it in a convenient capsule form.

I just started using my bottle of Oligonol, so I can’t really report back on the long-term benefits yet. I can tell you that the capsules have no weird side effects so far. That’s something I’m always concerned about, even when taking a supplement made from such a natural source like a fruit. I think I’m more energetic too, but that could also have something to do with the massive quantities of coffee I regularly drink. I’ll report back in a month, when I’ve had a chance to really see how Oligonol works.

MomME Time Giveaway Contribution

Oligonol will be providing the winner of my MomME Time Giveaway with one bottle of supplement. Keep an eye out for the giveaway on April 22nd.


MomME Time Sponsor: Oligonol Natual Skin Supplement