Calgon Silkening Double Mist SprayCalgon, the company that has been taking you away from all your daily stresses for several decades now, has moved way beyond that big box of bubble bath that resided in all our mom’s bathrooms when we were kids. Over the years, they’ve introduced a myriad of new products, from lotions to massaging beauty bars. One of their latest offerings is the Sensual Collection, which includes fragrances like Flirty Tease, Femme Inferno, and Angelic Kiss.

I received all three fragrances as Silkening Double Mist Sprays (they also come in Fragrance Mist, Shimmering Moisture Mist, and Body Cream). The first thing I noticed, of course, was how pretty these sprays look in my bathroom. They’re double-layered, and the Femme Inferno is especially cool looking with the red settling on top to the transparent layer. Of course, a pretty looking product alone isn’t really going to do you much good, so I’m happy to report that they’re also excellent performance-wise.

About the Scents

Calgon’s Silkening Double Mist Spray comes in the three scents mentioned above, each with its own different fragrance notes.

Femme Inferno– A bold, spicy scent for a bold, spicy woman, the Femme Inferno features Amber, Musk and Lily of the Valley top notes with a hint of fruitiness, roses, and even a little pepper. This is definitely a night-time scent, in my opinion!

Angelic Kiss-For the sweet yet occasionally saucy woman, Angelic Kiss starts out with the citrusy scent of mandarin, mixes in lavender and other flowers to make it more feminine, and finishes up with a bit of vanilla to bring out your sweet side. Perfect for the daytime!

Flirty Tease– If you’re looking for a sexy fragrance that can easily work both at the office and for a night on the town, Flirty Tease is for you. This was my favorite because it’s not overly sweet, yet not too flowery. The top notes feature a combination of Egyptian Jasmine, Orange Flower Blossom and Gala Apple, while the middle notes add balance with floral scents and red currant. The bottom notes feature sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla, which give it a richer scent.

All three fragrances are light enough that they won’t overwhelm everyone around you, yet strong enough for those lucky enough to get up close and personal. Since they’re meant to be sprayed all over, the light fragrance is important. The Silkening Double Mist Sprays make your skin feel very soft, especially when used right after the shower to lock in moisture.

I also had the opportunity to try the Ageless Bath Pearls, which melt away to leave your bath water soft and luxurious. They also leave your skin more energized and rejuvenated. A relaxing bath is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. Combining that relaxing time with a great product to help prevent the signs of aging is like getting a cake with amazing homemade icing.

Buy It:

You can buy Calgon products at many mass-market retailers, or through the Calgon Store online.

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Calgon Silkening Double Mist Spray