The Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Giveaway Event is just two days away, and I have another Sponsor Spotlight for you today. CVS Pharmacy may not occur to you as a first stop on your journey to find great Mother’s Day gifts, but maybe you should reconsider. They offer a wide range of gifts, from Relaxation Gift Baskets like the one I received for review to a variety of Essence of Beauty products to designer fragrances and more. For those who have a really hard time finding the perfect gift, CVS also sells a variety of gift cards to popular stores. Does you mom love gardening? CVS has you covered there as well with planters, gloves, wind chimes, and outdoor accents. It really helps that the store has so many locations. I have at least three within a ten-mile radius of my home.

Relaxing Gifts at CVSI opted for the Relaxation Gift Set for the giveaway because I thought it would make a great gift for any woman. The set comes in a pretty, reusable cloth-line wicker basket and contains four travel-sized Lilies and Freesia scented bath and body products. The products include: bath salts, body lotion, shower gel, and fragrance mist- pretty much everything you need to layer on the scent.

I’m generally not a big floral-scent person, but the Lilies and Freesia isn’t overwhelmingly flowery. It’s more of a sweet, delicate scent, and very feminine. There are enough bath salts for maybe two baths, depending on how much you use. I would have preferred a bit more of that, but otherwise the gift set contains plenty of each product to stretch out over a vacation. The shower gel and lotion are each 2oz, making them just right for airline travel. The fragrance spray is a little over 2oz, and to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the TSA regulations are these days because I always pack my stuff in a big bag. I can’t actually travel with just a carry-on when I take Jake with me places.  I’m not that coordinated! The Relaxation Gift Set would make a great gift for any mom though, not just those who travel frequently.

BUY IT: You can buy the Relaxation Gift Set and other great Mother’s Day Gifts at your local CVS Pharmacy.

WIN IT: Come back on May 1st and enter my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Giveaway for a chance to win this and other great prizes. Remember, one winner takes all!


Relaxing Gifts at CVS