StaplesEco The Staples Sustainable Earth Brand: Eco-Friendly Goods At Low Prices

Staples, the company known for making things easy, has just made it easier to maintain an earth-friendly office place with their Sustainable Earth Brand line of products. These eco-conscious products are designed using as many recycled or renewable materials as possible, and are validated by a third party to ensure that they live up to the “earth-friendly” label. The line offers numerous different basic office products, from ink toner to, of course, staplers. I received a ladybug mouse pad and wirebound notebook to try out.

100 2917 The Staples Sustainable Earth Brand: Eco-Friendly Goods At Low Prices

 Sustainable Earth Brand Mousepad

The Sustainable Earth Brand Mousepad is made with 75% recycled tire rubber. It’s nice to know that the tires I just had removed from my car because, apparently, some sort of steel was showing, would go towards making something really cute in the future! It has a non-skid bottom and works with pretty much any type of mouse. I love the design on it because it’s sort of muted like a watercolor painting- not too distracting when I’m working. Ladybugs are good luck, and I figure I could use all the luck I can get! The Sustainable Earth Brand mousepad also comes in a pretty Paisley and Blades of Grass Design. It retails for $8.99

Sustainable Earth Brand Wirebound Notebooks

We use a lot of notebooks in this family. Jake likes to have multiple books for various tasks, like writing memos to his friends, making lists of stuff he wants, and jotting down little stories about his day. I am a compulsive list-maker, and I take a lot of notes to remind myself of stuff, so I’m constantly in need of a new writing pad of some sort. The Sustainable Earth Brand notebook is perfect for all my writing needs. It’s primarily made from sugarcane rather than trees, so fewer forests had to be cut down to support my list-making habit. Both the cover and the pockets inside of them are very sturdy, so I know it won’t fall apart when I shove it in my backpack for trips. Plus, it’s really cute in an understated sort of way! The Sustainable Earth Brand Wirebound notebook comes in several sizes and starts at $3.29.

Review Disclaimer1 The Staples Sustainable Earth Brand: Eco-Friendly Goods At Low Prices

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