During the UBP12, I did a giveaway for an advertising prize package, and the very lovely Carrie with Children was my winner. I’m happy she won because she has such a great blog, it is a pleasure to feature her on mine! Carrie started her site back in 2010 as a way to share news and updates about her daughter Molly, who was born with Down Syndrome, but quickly rekindled her passion for writing and grew it into something much larger. Now, she is a champion for Down Syndrome and special needs, and even writes a guest column in the Florida-Times Union.

While Carrie With Children started out as a way to share Molly’s stories and spread awareness about Down Syndrome, it has evolved to include much more. I’m actually super jealous of Carrie because she gets to attend the red-carpet premiere of the new Disneynature movie, Chimpanzee. Read all about her sit-down with the film’s directors and get the inside scoop on behind the scenes information in her Behind the Scenes with Disneynature’s Chimpanzee post. I know I learned something new and now I’m looking forward to seeing the movie even more!

If you’re looking for tips, Carrie has some great ones for you. I’m planning to hold a yard sale soon, so I went straight to her Tips for Hosting a Successful Garage Sale post. Aside from her own great tips, like using social media to get the word out (I never would have thought of that!), she invites her readers to leave their own tips. In the end, you’ve got an eclectic collection of information that is very useful. All of her “Tell Me Your Tips” posts follow that format.

Carrie With Children also features numerous reviews and giveaways. I particularly like her video reviews. I’m way too shy to ever pull that off, but Carrie gets out there and gives you a great overview of what she’s reviewing, and she looks fantastic doing it! She’s currently hosting a Marvel’s The Avengers Prize Pack giveaway, which includes an awesome The Avengers T-shirt, buttons, and 3-D glasses. The giveaway runs until May 11th, so head on over and enter. Hey, Father’s Day is coming up soon, and this would make the perfect gift for that Fanboy in your life! Of course, if I win, I’m getting it for myself because I’m a bit of a geek too.

Check out Carrie With Children as soon as possible. Seriously, go do it now. You’ll be happy you did! While you’re at it, stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well. We bloggers love stalkers! Well, as long as you’re not “boil your bunny” crazy stalkers, anyway!