Container gardening is becoming a huge trend, and with good reason. Whether you live on acres of land or in a small apartment, it gives you a chance to grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Plus, it’s so easy that even a black-thumb like me can pull it off. I’ve been wanting to learn how to grow tomatoes and other goodies for a while. I figure if the EMP ever does hit, it would be a good idea to know how to grow my own food! Of course, there are other reasons to grow your own vegetables, but I’m a “worst case scenario” type of girl.

Growing Tomatoes In Containers – A Simple Guide For A Bountiful Harvest by Elizabeth Danielson,  is a practical, easy-to-follow guide that will have you growing your own tomatoes in no time. Danielson covers everything from choosing the right container and finding the best spot to set up to the different types of tomatoes. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of tomatoes! Determinate, indeterminate, dwarves, Tiny Tims and Patio Princesses, and on and on.

Danielson doesn’t just leave you hanging once you’ve figured out how to put your seedlings in a container; Growing Tomatoes in Containers stays with you straight through harvesting your ripe fruits (vegetables? Is the verdict in on that one yet?). The book even tells you how to avoid nasty pests that want to munch on your plants, and diseases that affect tomatoes. On the flip side, Danielson shares some good bugs that actually help your plants grow and tells you how to attract them. She also includes a section on companion plants that help repel the nasties and attract the good bugs, like chives and oregano. Bonus- those herbs go great in pasta sauce!

Growing Tomatoes in Containers concludes by helping you clean up your containers at the end of the season and pack them away for next year. If you’re looking for a great, quick and easy guide that will have you growing your own tomatoes in containers within hours, I highly suggest checking this one out. You’ll be eating fresh tomatoes in no time at all.



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