Breathe Right Advanced Strips: Do They Work?As far as I know, I’m not really a snorer. If I am, my boyfriend is way too polite to tell me (and I’ll thank him to keep it that way!). My mom claims I am, but I think she’s just crazy. However, I do suffer from sinus congestion, which makes it a little hard to breathe through my nose at night. So when I had a chance to try out the Breathe Right Advanced strips through Smiley360, I figured it was worth a shot.  Hey, I’m all about anything that can help me breathe better!

Breathe Right Advanced is a newer version of the traditional Breathe Right Strips. It’s  designed to work with the anatomy of your nose, with 4-point technology works on key touch points to open your nose more completely, and the special 3M adhesive  holds the strip comfortably in place.

I so wanted to give these an awesome review, especially since this is the first time I’ve done a Smiley360 campaign, but I had a few issues with the strips.I tried following the directions to put it on right, but it kept popping off. It just wouldn’t stick to my skin completely. I’m not an oily person. On the contrary, I tend to run more towards the dry side on my face. I did finally manage to get it to stick, but it was a little too uncomfortable for me. These strips are less flexible than other types of Breathe Right strips. My mom even tried them, since she likes their other styles, and she said they were a little too stiff. When I peeled it off after 15 minutes of giving it a try, it hurt a bit.

On the plus side, for those 15 minutes, I really did breathe better! If I could have gotten past the other issues, I’m sure I would have gotten a great night’s sleep. Like I said, my mom swears by the other versions, and I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on these, so maybe it’s just me. If you want to try them out for yourself, head over to their Facebook page and click on Free Samples to snag two free strips.

Since I feel bad that I couldn’t provide a stellar review, check out this review from 7 On a Shoestring. She gave them a much more favorable review.  Hey, I believe in balanced reporting! In answer to my own question in the title: yes, they do work because they help your breathe better, but honestly, they’re just not for me.

I received Breathe Right Strips from Smiley360, my opinions, as always, are my own.