Create Unique Models With Laser Peg ExperienceI’m a big fan of toys that can be used in more than one way and inspire children to think outside the box. Promoting imagination is one of the most important duties of being a parent, as imagination is the one thing that can really take you anywhere in this world. Laser Pegs are these really cool building pegs that light up when connected to a special base. They can be used to create just about anything, from a rocket ship to bugs to random designs straight out of your child’s imagination. The Experience kit comes with everything you need to create countless models and keep your children entertained for hours on end.

What’s In The Box?

  • 81 Laser Pegs in different shapes and sizes
  • A Triangle Power Base
  • Instruction Manual with details on how to make dozens of different models in varying degrees of difficulty
  • 1 Laser Peg Game

We actually got the Laser Peg Experience for my boyfriend’s son to review (his first review experience on Pretty Opinionated!), but he was kind enough to let Jacob in on the action. The boys emptied all the contents on the floor and got started on building. Since they wanted specific models made, they mutually decided that it would be better to make me do the hard work, then they made modifications when I was done. Hey, that’s cool, I’m used to assembling everything by now! While I worked on creating projects from the book, they worked on making their own designs.

The boys decided that I should make the most complicated thing they could find, which was some sort of space ship. The directions were fairly easy to follow, especially since the construction followed a specific pattern of alternating parts. The only part I had difficulty with was the end, when I had to create the round pieces and front to the body. I’m not that mechanically inclined, and I pretty much stink at following directions. Still, it came out pretty neat! The Laser Pegs plug into a little base that causes them to light up, and you can change the setting on it to make the lights do different things. Check out my very short video that not only displays my magnificent creation, but also shows you the different settings.

Aside from the Experience Kit, Laser Pegs makes numerous other fun kits that allow your child (or you) to make everything from bugs to dune buggies to robots. Kits vary in price from $19.95 to $99.95, and you can also purchase packages of extra pieces in specific shapes and sizes.
Create Unique Models With Laser Peg Experience