Rehydrate Your Joints with Neocell's Immunocell CollagenI’ve done a lot of research on the benefits of collagen when it comes to anti-aging remedies back when I was writing articles on the subject for other sites, but I never really looked into how it benefits your overall joint health. I’m still fairly young (at least as far as I’m concerned!) so I don’t have any major joint problems, but I sleep weird or something because I often wake up achy. When Neocell asked me if I’d like to try one of their supplements, I told them about my issues and they suggested I try their Immunocell Collagen Type-2 Capsules. The capsules contain a blend of type 2 collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin and Glucosamine.

About Immunocell Collagen Type-2

According to Neocell, as we age, we lose our ability to produce type 2 collagen protein, a vital building block for healthy joint tissue. Immunocell helps by providing the body with those building blocks from a natural source. Hyraluronic acid is another substance that is naturally found in the body, almost always alongside collagen. Glucosamine is found throughout the body in healthy cartilage, and numerous studies indicate that it may be beneficial to those with joint problems. According to the Mayo Clinic, the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin taken as a complementary therapy may allow those with osteoarthritis to cut back on steroid-based treatments. Of course, no one should stop taking medications or start taking supplements without speaking to their doctor first.

My Take on Immunocell

I’ve been using Immunocell for a few weeks now, but I don’t always remember to take it. Honestly, I’m horrible with supplements that way. I need some sort of alarm that beeps and tells me to take my vitamins and what not. I also take less than the recommended four capsules per day because I wanted it to last longer. Even with all of that, I do notice that I feel a little less achy in the morning. I haven’t noticed any weird side effects, not that I expected to since the ingredients rarely cause any. The collagen is sourced from chicken cartilage, so those who are on a vegan or vegetarian diet wouldn’t be able to take them. While Immunocell is primarily for those suffering from joint issues, collagen is an important part of healthy skin, so you may notice some benefits in that department as well. I’m not saying you’re going to wake up wrinkle-free all of the sudden, but every little bit helps!


Rehydrate Your Joints with Neocell's Immunocell Collagen