If you’re planning to do a little hiking or some outdoor activities this summer, you’re going to need to stay hydrated. Since you need to drink plenty of water anyway, why not drink it from a really cool bottle that includes the added convenience of a little storage area. The Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Hydration Bottle is not only a stylishly fantabulous no-spill reusable water bottle (say that ten times fast), it’s also contains a handy-dandy little compartment in the front just big enough for your house or car key, driver’s license or other card, and some cash. While I can’t personally think of a reason to carry cash into the woods, if you’re using it for bike riding or treks to, say, the library (where I generally make a monthly “donation” to cover the cost of my overdue books), it’s perfect!

When it comes to reusable cups, mugs, and other drinking accessories, Contigo is definitely my favorite. I reviewed their AutoSeal Kid’s Trekker mug nearly a year ago and it’s still working just as great as it did during the first use. I’ve also reviewed their West Loop Insulated Vacuum Mug and still use it for my daily coffee needs (which are somewhat massive). So when they asked if I wanted to review their Autoseal Kangaroo Hydration Bottle, I jumped right on it because I knew it would rock.

Review: Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Hydration BottleFeatures and Benefits

  • Patented AUTOSEAL® technology prevents spills. Just press the button to drink, and when you let go it automatically seals back up. 
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Handy little built-in compartment – just flip open door to store cards, keys, money, and more.
  • The handle comes with a neat little carabiner so you can clip it to your bags for easier access.
  • Spout cover keeps spout clean when not in use.
  • Measure markings on one side.
  • It is top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Crafted from Tritan™, which provides high impact resistance and won’t stain or retain odors.
  • 100% BPA free.  
  • Opening is wide enough to fit ice-cubes to keep your drink extra cold.

The Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Hydration Bottle is light-weight to begin with, so it’s really no heavier than carrying around a filled plastic water bottle, but it’s much better for the environment. Since it’s completely spill-proof, you don’t have to worry about it soaking all your clothes or other stuff in your backpack. I would definitely recommend this bottle to anyone, whether you’re planning to hike the entire Appalachian trail or just going for a walk around the block.

Review: Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Hydration Bottle