Rizolli & Isles: Blast From the PastIt’s been a while since I’ve done a WB Word of Mouth campaign, so I’m really thrilled to be working on this one to promote the release of Rizzoli & Isles Season Two on DVD. Rizolli & Isles is one of my favorite summer shows because the title characters are so different from each other, yet they have this incredible bond of friendship. The awesome Irish intro music helps too! They definitely have one of my favorite theme songs.I’m getting super excited for the start of the 3rd season, which airs on Tuesday, June 5th at 9pm EST on TNT. If you haven’t been watching Rizolli & Isles, I recommend renting or buying the first two seasons to catch up, then checking out the show when it starts back up.

In Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet, Jane heads to her high school reunion and brings along Maura. The fun is cut short after a series of murders take place all involving fellow students. Jane is forced to focus on the past to help solve the case when she realizes that everyone in her class is a potential suspect. WB Word of Mouth wants to know if I’ve ever had to call on my past to solve a problem in the present.

I think this is a tough question, because all of our past experiences combine to make us who we are today, so every decision we make comes from what we learned in the past. One example I can think of is how my past experience in nursing school has helped make my present and future a little better. Even though I didn’t finish school, I did go long enough to learn the basics of nursing. When my mom broke her leg 9 months after I left the program, I was able to draw on all that knowledge to help her out. A few months later, that knowledge helped land me a decent writing gig, which saved me from going completely broke. That writing gig gave me the confidence to write more in general, which led to the creation of Pretty Opinionated. Even though nursing school didn’t work out for me, it did change my life in many positive ways.

Preorder the DVD, available 5/22! http://bit.ly/ISlEkF


“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Rizzoli & Isles Season Two on DVD.”