Rizzoli & Isles: Remember MePart of Jane Rizzoli’s background story includes almost getting killed by serial killer Charles Hoyt. While the actual event happened before the start of the show, we did get to see most of what happened in flashbacks, and it wasn’t pretty. At the end of the first season Jane managed to take down Hoyt and put him behind bars, but the scars still remained. During the second season summer finale, Remember Me, a dying Hoyt asks Jane to visit him for information about a murder. Of course, he doesn’t just willingly give up the information, and both Jane and Maura nearly get killed. Jane triumphs over her arch-enemy and kills him before he can kill her best friend.

While most of us don’t have any vicious serial killers in our  pasts, I think everyone has relationships that never really received proper closure. I can’t think of any particular person that keeps creeping back (at least, not anyone I want to talk about on my blog), but I do have friends from long ago that just sort of faded away, only to resurrect on Facebook years later.  I think the internet and sites like Facebook have made it pretty much impossible to ever leave our past friends truly in the past. While that can be good in a way, as it can be awesome to reconnect with long-lost friends from elementary school, sometimes it can open up old wounds and bring up memories we’d rather not think about. Sometimes, the past is best left in the past.Of course, unlike Jane Rizzoli, I don’t have anyone that I need to actually kill in order to get closure. Well, again, not anyone I’m willing to tell you about! Plausible deniability is  good thing!

The Season 3 premier is less than two weeks away, on June 5th at 9EST/8Central on TNT. You still have time to catch up on all everything you may have missed in season 2. Order the Rizolli & Isles season 2 DVD at: http://bit.ly/ISlEkF   Check out this scene from “Crescents” to get you in the mood to watch more:

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 on DVD.”