100 3066 SBB Sponsor: Chalk City Activity SetSidewalk chalk is a huge favorite in our household, both for Jacob and for me. Hey, I get to be a kid sometimes too, right? We’ve been playing with it since he was old enough to hold it in his hands. I taught him the ABCs, sight words, and more with little more than a fistful of sidewalk chalk.The  Chalk City road maker and activity sets let you take your sidewalk chalk even further, allowing your child to create and recreate entire cities, obstacle courses and more.

Jacob tore open the box the moment he walked in the door from school and asked to head out to start playing right away. We received the Chalk City Road Maker, the Road Stencils, and the Obstacle Course Stencils.

The Road Maker lets your child lay the framework for their city or obstacle course. It’s easy to fit the chalk into the holders and drag it along to create elaborate streets. Either turn your kids loose and let them make their own city design, or download the pdf to make chalk versions of real-life cities. You can even make a chalk replica of Disney Magic Kingdom.

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Once Jake created his super-highways, it was time to add in some signs with the Road Sign Stencils. The kit included a Stop sign, straight arrows, and curved “detour” arrows. Each arrow stencil can be turned around so it can go left or right. We like to make things as crazy as possible, so our road required turning around a lot, and stopping at random times. The stencils are fairly large, which makes the roads great for bicycle courses too.

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While the road designs were fun, we really had a great time with the Obstacle Course Stencils. The kit comes with three reversible stencils as well, allowing you to create: jumping jacks, hop with both feet, hop left or right foot, and spin right or left. I made mine fairly easy for Jake, but he of course thought it would be more fun to make sure we were both dizzy by the time we were done.Yes, my child is wearing rain boots on a bright, sunny day. I’ve learned not to ask why he makes the fashion choices that he does anymore.

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The kits came with red, yellow, and orange chalk, since those are the universal “roadway” colors. We added a bit more color with sidewalk chalk that we already had. The Road Maker fits just about any standard sidewalk chalk, so feel free to paint the town green, purple, or whatever other color makes your kids happy. I highly recommend chalk city for outdoor summer fun.

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The winner of my SBB giveaway will receive all the stuff that I reviewed: the Road Maker, the Road Sign stencils, and the Obstacle Course stencils. Be sure to come back June 1st to enter! In the mean time, be sure to check out Chalk City on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for news, videos, and more.

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