So, I got this brilliant idea in my head that I want to try camping, but the weather refused to cooperate and then I had surgery. Alas, I still haven’t made it into the great outdoors for more than a few hours, and definitely not overnight yet, but I’m still working on it! In the meantime, I can pretend that I’m camping with an awesome fire pit! This outdoor fire pit comes from The Soothing Company, an online retailer, that offers large bean bag chairs, wall fountains, gel fireplaces and more. My 29″ Fire Pit does way more than just sit there looking pretty with a roaring fire inside of it, it also grills food! Do all fire pits do that? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. It seems like an exciting feature to me! When I’m done playing Little House On the Prairie and being all outdoorsy, it folds up nice and neat into a sturdy carrying bag.

Putting the fire pt together was super easy. Well, of course it was easy for me, since I just stood there and watched Sal do it. It looked pretty easy from where I was standing though, as it was assembled in just a few minutes. We tried it out for the first time on Mother’s Day, using it as a charcoal grill.¬† I have dogs, so we didn’t want to leave it sitting on the ground (Cooper is a dirty thief, after all). It’s so lightweight that we could put it on our glass patio table without any issue.

100 3049 The Soothing Company's Folding Fire Pit: Perfect for Camping and Grilling

I really don’t know much about cooking on a grill, but it seemed to heat up pretty quickly and I can tell you that the chicken came out perfect. I’m pretty sure that had as much to do with the cook (chef? grill master?) as it did with the fire pit itself, but whoever is responsible, I know I had an awesome Mother’s Day dinner! The grill top is a lot more spacious than I thought it would be. We were able to fit all the chicken, a hot dog for Jake, and still had plenty of space left over.

100 3056 The Soothing Company's Folding Fire Pit: Perfect for Camping and Grilling

The coals stayed hot long enough for us to enjoy some toasted marshmallows after dinner. I really want to try it as an actual fire pit soon, with real wood and what not. Marshmallows are meant to be set on fire, not browned over coals, after all. I can’t wait to take my fire pit real camping!


Review Disclaimer1 The Soothing Company's Folding Fire Pit: Perfect for Camping and Grilling

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