Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! A Wuzzleburg Tale came out on DVD about a month ago, but my copy came a little late (I apparently had a different delivery guy the day it was supposed to come, and my regular guy found it at some point), so I’m a little late for this review as a result.  Wubbzy and his adorably bendy tale has been a favorite of Jacob’s for a while now, and one of the few cartoons that I can get into. I think I’ve mentioned before that I really love Widget, she’s always making something super cool and showing kids that being smart is awesome.

Throughout the six different adventures in “A Wuzzleburg Tale,” Wubbzy and the rest of the gang, Walden, Widget and Daizy, encounter different fairytale characters, situations and challenges that all lead to social skills-building fun!  Your kids will travel along with the gang to the Enchanted Grove  as they search for a pickleberry bush for Widget in “Once Upon A Wubbzy”; solve the big mystery of why Wubbzy’s closest friends go missing on his birthday in “The Big Birthday Mystery.”

My favorite is when Wubbzy and Daizy  shrink themselves  with Widget’s Shrinky Dinky 3000 in “Welcome To The Dollhouse.” I love the whole concept of shrinking people and characters. Don’t ask why, it’s probably for the same reason I find talking animals so hilarious. I always wanted to be shrunk and live in a dollhouse!

Other episodes  include: “Happily Ever After,” where Wubbzy is delighted by the fairytale of the Hopping Dipple-Dop; “Too Many Wubbzys,” when Wubbzy learns that being in two places at once can cause major issues,  and “Focus Wubbzy!,” which teaches the importance of responsibility and listening. Special features include “wubbtastic” coloring and activity sheets and music videos that will have your children singing along.

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! A Wuzzleburg Tale is available online and in stores with a suggested retail value of $14.98. Amazon has it for $9.99 though, if you’re an online shopper.