71oMzpu0CkL. AA1500 Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Water Blaster ReviewThe temperatures have been all over the place so far this summer, and we’ve had some insanely hot days already. While I’d love to pack my son up and take him to the pool as soon as the temperatures reach above 80, it’s just not financially feasible this summer. Even if it was, I can’t spend all day at the pool, as nice as that would be! Jacob has always loved playing with water guns (or blasters, if you don’t like to use the term “guns”). Ever since he was about two, my friends have been giving him water guns that seem to hold an increasingly large amount of water, most of which ends up soaking me somehow.

The Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Water Blaster definitely has the potential to completely soak everyone in its path. It shoots up to 30 feet, and with nozzles that can split apart, your child can soak two friends at once! The backpack has sturdy adjustable straps and holds a liter of water. Considering how quickly Jacob goes through water in a standard water gun, this is definitely a great feature. The astronaut theme makes it even cooler.


100 3212 Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Water Blaster Review

We did have a hard time with the Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack at first. I made the mistake of filling up the backpack before reading the directions, and got the water all over the place. I also had a hard time getting the hose into the backpack, and it fell out a few times. Once I emptied it and let it all dry out, it was easier to attach the hose. The water blaster itself has pump action, and the trigger separates the nozzles. Jacob had a great time playing with it once I worked out all the kinks. My dog, Tasha, was thrilled as well, since she loves getting sprayed with water. Sometimes in the summer, it’s the only way we can get her to take a drink when she’s busy playing. I do wish the hose was a little easier to get in place though.Other than that, it’s pretty awesome!


Review Disclaimer1 Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Water Blaster Review

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