Father's Day Gift ideas Sponsor: Maximum Games Deer Drive LegendsDo you have a guy in your life who is a big fan of hunting, video games, or both? Deer Drive Legends for Nintendo 3DS is sure to make a great Father’s Day gift for him. Now, I have to be honest, I’m not really into hunting. It’s just not my thing. I like cute, fuzzy animals and prefer to snuggle them in real life, not shoot them. In video games, however, it’s a little different. I don’t feel quite as guilty. Well, that’s not entirely true, it’s me, so I still feel a little guilty, but it’s still different. Deer Drive Legends is great for those who love hunting games, especially those that allow you to hunt outside the box (forest?).

Features of Deer Drive Legends

  • Use the latest hunting weapons and techniques to bring down your target and take home the prize.
  • Features all the usual animals, like deer and elk, plus some really off the wall ones, like saber-toothed cats, wooly rhinos, giant sloths, and more
  • Go on hunts in places like¬† the African Savannah, Rocky Mountains, and Great Lakes.
  • Unlock bonus features like new animals and environments
  • Awesome boss battles include fighting such beasts as the saber-tooth tiger and the might T-Rex

I think the coolest part of the game is the fact that you get to fight prehistoric beasts. For me, since they’re not actually alive today, it eases the whole hunting guilt. I mean, in real life, a dinosaur could totally kick my butt, so it’s okay to take them out in a game. The ability to unlock new worlds and animals is great because it makes the game last a little longer. Plus it’s for Nintendo 3DS, so of course the whole experience is richer and more vibrant. The landscapes are actually really pretty!

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Father's Day Gift ideas Sponsor: Maximum Games Deer Drive Legends