Get Ready For the Zombie Apocalypse with NachoMamaTees.comWhile I’ve never really gotten the whole fascination with zombies, they’re currently hotter than a vampire burning up in the sun (the way vampires are supposed to act when they come into contact with the big ball of fire in the sky). When I was picking out shirts for review on NachoMamaTees, I saw the selection of zombie t-shirts and thought one of them would be perfect for Sal. He’s all about the zombie apocalypse, mostly because I think he really just wants to show off his awesome survival skills.

We went with the Choose Your Weapon shirt because it seemed most appropriate for Sal’s personality. Since I have one of the most supportive  boyfriensd in the history of the world (in my opinion, anyway) when it comes to blogging, he really got creative for the picture for this review.  Isn’t he cute with his shovel? He looks ready to take out some zombies, should one jump out of those bushes behind him.

Get Ready For the Zombie Apocalypse with

The shirt fits great, doesn’t shrink (I washed it in cold water and dried it in the dryer), and feels really soft. The fabric is cotton, but it’s the kind that doesn’t get all scratchy when you wash it too many times. We’ve washed the shirt at least three times since we got it, and it’s still holding up just like new.

NachoMamaTees have a huge variety of really fun t-shirts. It was so difficult to choose just one that we liked. Aside from several other shirts in the Zombie theme, they also have movie t-shirts, cool retro shirts, and more. Shirts range from as little as $6.99 to about $20, but they constantly have sales going on, so you can often snag a $19 shirt for much less.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take on the Zombie Apocalypse in style?


Get Ready For the Zombie Apocalypse with