Green Kids CraftsWith school out for the summer, I’m trying to find as many inexpensive and fun, yet environmentally friendly activities for Jacob. I need something to keep him busy while I work, otherwise he’ll bug me to use my computer all day. As I’ve mentioned before, I really love all-in-one craft kids that require little to no supplies from me, since I don’t keep a lot of craft supplies on hand. Green Kid Crafts comes pretty close to containing everything, only requiring minimal supplies, such as scissors and glue.

Each Green Kid Crafts box comes with materials to complete three different craft projects. Actually, if you count the left-over material, I still have enough for other projects as well. Our crafts were: pirate loot, a wind chime, and a scrapbook (which Jake used in his own unique way).

The Pirate Loot project came with everything we needed to create a pirate hat, eye patch, and coins. For the coins, Green Kid Crafts provided foil wrap and sturdy card stock paper. We cut circles from the paper and wrapped the foil around them to make silver coins. So simple, yet I never would have thought of it on my own.The hat is a card stock cutout. We used the included chalk to write Jacob’s name on it.

Green Kids Crafts

For the Wind Chime project, Jake went with the “simple is better” approach. The project actually came with tons of little embellishments, including gemstones and foil leaves. You can either paint the wooden base with your own paint, use your own markers to color it, or take Jacob’s route and leave it mostly naked with just a few pretty baubles to catch the sun.

Green Crafts For Kids

While I thought the Pirate Loot would be his favorite, Jacob really unleashed his creative side with the scrapbook. He opted to not use the really cool, recycled cardboard foldout book for pictures, and instead wrote his own story. If you do opt to use the craft as intended, it comes with tons of great little paper and fabric squares, ribbons,  eye stickers, and so much more. We’re saving those for another craft.

Green Crafts For Kids

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About Green Kid Crafts

With Green Kid Crafts, parents and kids can enjoy earth-friendly, monthly projects that spark creativity and cultivate respect and love for the environment. Suitable for kids ages 3-8, three of our craft projects are delivered to kids every month. All materials are included in the package, with the exception of glue, scissors, and basic supplies. Every project 100% earth friendly. Green Kid Crafts avoids using  plastics and foams in favor of supplies that are natural, recycled, and good to the earth. They also use minimal and 100% recycled shipping materials. Green Kid Crafts offsets 100% of the carbon dioxide generated by business activities and helps fund the development of renewable energy projects across the United States.

Parents can join for $19.95/month and gift subscriptions are also available for 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions.

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