Crystal NecklaceOn the catwalks and on the high street, statement jewellery is undoubtedly the trend du jour. Necklaces are big and eye-catching, earrings are long and dramatic and bracelets are brightly coloured and daring. These pieces are designed to stand out, rather than blend in with an outfit and can make the plainest of clothing look sensational, if worn correctly and with the right outfit.


Statement jewellery for the beginner

If you’re unsure about how to style this kind of jewellery, or simply feel a bit self-conscious about head turning pieces, then it’s best to start off slowly and ease your way in to this trend. Begin with a simple and elegant wide metal cuff; this will add some interest to your outfit, without overwhelming it. A cuff is also easy to slip on and off and tends to go with almost anything. Wide, plain “collar”-style necklaces can also be worn and are perfect if you want some statement jewellery which works with a neutral, understated outfit. Although this type of large metal jewellery isn’t brightly coloured, its graphic shape will add edginess to your style.

How to Wear Statement JewelryOne piece at a time

One of the most important things to remember when wearing statement jewellery is that less is definitely more. Don’t decorate every limb – keep it simple instead. Too many pieces of dramatic statement jewellery can be visually overwhelming and won’t do your outfit any favours. If you want to wear more than one piece, try a set of 5 or ten thin bangles, in various colours and textures; think chains, narrow leather cuffs and studded bracelets in a range of bright colours.

Simple outfits and fabulous jewellery

Big accessories require simple clothing; if you really want your statement jewellery to stand out, avoid wearing it with crazy patterned dresses, or multi-coloured tops. Plain, block colours are perfect for wearing with statement pieces. The purpose of statement jewellery is to show it off. A relaxed, elegant outfit such as a well-fitting pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt will look amazing when topped off with a tribal necklace, or a cuff bracelet. If you’re determined to wear a patterned top or dress, just make sure to choose an item of clothing which is relatively neutral in terms of colour.

Bold necklaces need the right neckline

When it comes to big, bold necklaces, it’s essential to consider the neckline of your dresses and blouses. Ideally, you should choose something which has an interesting shape, such as an off the shoulder top, or a v-neck, which will make the most of the necklace. Keep the colour of the top neutral if wearing a brightly coloured necklace, as this will help to emphasise the piece’s colour and make it stand out even more. It’s best to avoid wearing statement necklaces with clothing which has fussy details around the neck area, such as frills, ruffles, lace or sequins, as these will only serve to detract from the necklace.

This guest post was written by UK-based blogger Francesca, on behalf of Pearl & Butler.

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