KERFLIP Is a Blast for Word Nerds! Review + GiveawayI’m a total word nerd. As a writer, it’s pretty much in my genetic coding. Words are my tools of survival, so I have to love them. Creative Foundry’s KERFLIP, a brand new board game for kids and adults, is to word nerds as long-stem roses are to romance junkies. It’s an exciting, fast-paced game in which players race to be the first to form words from the available tiles. Once you use the tiles, flip it over from the white side to the orange, and the point values go down.


Each round of the game takes about two minutes. Players start by taking a few tiles (determined by the number of players) out of the snazzy black bag and toss them on the KERFLIP board white side up. Each player calls out a word. The first person who called the word gets the full 10 points per tile. Those tiles are flipped, and any other player who used them only gets 5 points. Some tiles do have little numbers on them, which directs players to choose a set amount of bonus cards. Theoretically, you could spell tiny words using only orange pieces and still win the game if you get enough bonus points.

KERFLIP Is a Blast for Word Nerds! Review + Giveaway

As you can see, there is also a blank tile, which I needed because I ran out of “Ps” for my grand KERFLIP statement. One of the things that makes this game so great is that kids are often much faster than adults at calling out words. We grown ups are programmed to over-think everything. With Jake, the letters go down and he’s already ahead of me calling out words. Even if he uses fewer letters than I do, he still has a good chance of kicking my butt. This, of course, is what he lives for when it comes to games.When you’re done playing, just dump the tiles directly from the game board into the bag and put it all away.

Need a more detailed explanation? Check out this video from the inventor of KERFLIP


You can purchase KERFLIP on the Creative Foundry Gamestore for $24.99. I also suggest liking them on Facebook for news and fun updates.


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KERFLIP Is a Blast for Word Nerds! Review + Giveaway