I am always on the lookout for craft kits that contain everything Jacob needs in one convenient package and is easy enough for a non-crafting person like me to figure out. Kiwi Crate is everything I look for and more. From the adorable, reusable little crate (it’s made of thick cardboard, so you can easily turn it into a treasure box for your kids) to the final product, Jacob and I both had a great time checking out Kiwi Crate’s Space Hero Crate.

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First of all, when Kiwi Crate says that the package contains everything you need to make an super hero cape, mask, and comet, they really mean it. You don’t even need glue, as the felt pieces have sticky backs! The only thing we used aside from what was in the box was a pair of scissors, and theoretically we could have made everything without those as well.

100 3167 Kiwi Crate Kids Crafts Inspires Imagination

To get started, just open the packages and lay out the materials. Jacob decorated his super hero cape first by sticking on the star and lightning. He decided he wanted me to cut the big, yellow circle into quarters, and opted to leave off the hearts. The only thing he needed help with was pressing down on the shapes to make them stick more. The cape is really high quality too! Like thick satin. It took less than five minutes for Jake to finish making his cape. This is the end result:

Unleash your child's creativity and imagination with Kiwi Crate! You'll find everything you need to complete some really cool crafts!

Next step was the comet, which uses the same satin fabric as the cape, along with a really sturdy ball for the middle. Jacob decorated it with all the stars on the sheet (he used every last one of them). Look how seriously he takes his comet creating:

100 3251 Kiwi Crate Kids Crafts Inspires Imagination

The mask came last, and I love the metallic markers Kiwi Crate included. They show up really well on the black paper. I’m definitely saving them for future crafts! We also received the Wings party pack kit, with neutral colors so you can make them into butterfly wings, fairy wings, or just plain bug wings.I had a bit of a harder time putting those together, but they still came out really cute!

100 3256 Kiwi Crate Kids Crafts Inspires Imagination

Both Jake and I absolutely loved out Kiwi Crate experience! These are seriously some of the most fun, well-designed kids craft kits I’ve ever tried.

The Gift Crates come in a huge variety of different projects, and each one has three different crafts for kids to make. Gift crates are priced at $19.95 each. The Party Packs are smaller, and are perfect for entertaining kids while at the event or sending home as goodies. They range between $5-12 each. You can get monthly subscriptions of the Gift Crates for $19.95 per month, or $220 per year (one month free), with free shipping.


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