The Light Tamer Book Tour: Author Guest Post

Why you should allow your 85 year old grandma read The Light Tamer


1. Grandma can relive what it was like to fall in love for the first time.  Fifteen year old Jessie Lucente meets Caleb Baldwin and in a heartbeat he steals her heart.

2.  There aren’t any tantric sex scenes.  There aren’t any sex scenes, so you don’t have to worry that grandma will want to read 50 Shades next.  Kissing is as far as it goes.

3.  The humor will have grandma laughing out loud.  Jessie’s new friend Amber offers up some comic relief with her snarky comments.  We all know that laughter is the medicine, you want to make her have a healthy heart don’t you.

4.  She doesn’t have to have a Kindle or Nook to read the book.  The Light Tamer is available for sale in paperback as well as electronically.  Even though the book is for sale on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon, you can buy a signed copy on

5.  Grandma will be able to give the book to all of the women in her life from 13 to 113.  Jessie has always noticed that streetlights burn out when she’s riding in the car or walking past a house.  She’s never put much thought into what it might mean, until she meets Caleb and he tells her that she is absorbing the light.  Not only is she absorbing light, but Caleb is too.  They find out they are bound to each other by an accident that happened years ago.  Now that she knows that she is a Light Tamer, her secret is harder to keep.  Fate will alter her path and send her and her friends on a dangerous mission.  The Light Tamer is perfect to sit back on a rainy afternoon and read into the night with glass of sweet tea and open heart.  It is only the beginning of what will be an adventurous story and love filled friendship.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today.  Bloggers are a writer’s best friend, and I really appreciate your generosity.   To learn more about The Light Tamer, please visit my website