Alli's Everlasting Floral Arrangement

I have a confession: I am a horrible gardener. Actually, horrible doesn’t even begin to describe my complete and total lack of ability to keep any sort of plant alive. If plants had their own CIA with a “Most Wanted” wall, I’d be Public Enemy Number One. To give you an example of how awful I am, I’ve managed to kill an aloe plant, one of the hardiest plants on the planet, in less than a month. I also once received a pretty little bush as a housewarming gift. My friend told me he asked for the hardest plant to kill. I can’t recall the name, but this plant didn’t require much water or sunlight, but also didn’t die if it got too much. Basically, it was foolproof. I killed it in about two weeks.  I’m not sure why I’m so bad with plants, I really do try!

Since real plants never stand a chance around me, I am a huge fan of the type that never die because they’re never alive in the first place. Alli’s Everlasting Floral Arrangements makes some of the most beautiful faux flowers that will last an eternity, and they do it for such a wonderful reason.

The Story Behind Alli’s Everlasting Floral Arrangements

Allison Emilie Heyden was a beautiful, talented, up-and-coming fashion designer in New York City. She was living out her dream, receiving rewards, and being featured in magazines. Sadly, she passed away last summer, in 2011. Her parents wanted to do something that both honored her and carried on her memory, so they created Alli’s Everlasting Floral Arrangements.

All of the arrangements are creating using fabrics and materials that Alli used in her own designs. A portion of the profits go towards the Alli Heyden Passion For Fashion Scholarship fund at SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and  Design, where she graduated in 2009. The scholarship fund enables others to live their dreams.

I received a beautiful red rose flower arrangement, and every detail, right down to the marbles used to fill the vase, were clearly chosen with great care and attention to aesthetics. It’s easy to see that Alli’s talent ran in the family. I have my flower on my mantle, but these would also look great on a patio under the sun. They’re perfect year-round and for any occasion. In addition to the floral arrangements, Alli’s family also creates accessories, including adorable toddler headbands.