Dinosaur Train's Extreme InterAction Alvin ReviewFor preschoolers who love trains and dinosaurs, it doesn’t get any cooler than Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train, a hugely successful show on PBS that features, obviously, dinosaurs and trains. Of course, since it’s a PBS show, it also heavily features educational themes, like life science and paleontology. I was really impressed with the paleontology part, as that’s not really a major theme in most kids’ shows, and I like unique learning experiences.

Tomy, the popular toy company that has been delighting kids for ages with their train sets and other fun toys, gives kids a chance to really immerse themselves in the Dinosaur Train experience with InterAction Figures, including the brand-spanking-new Alvin Allosaurus.

Alvin the Allosaurus Features

Alvin is a totally interactive experience with over 50 different sounds and phrases. Push one button and he springs into action to protect his territory, while another button gets him chatting about his Dinosaur friends and adventures. If you have more than one InterAction Figure, they’ll actually speak to each other!  In fact, the JUMP button on his back triggers others friends to join in on the stomping action too.

My nephew had a great time with Alvin when he was over for a visit, and Jacob has already incorporated him into his collection of dinosaurs. Oddly enough, my dog Cooper even seemed interested in the little guy! I was taking pictures for this post and Cooper came over and sat down next to Alvin.

Dinosaur Train's Extreme InterAction Alvin Review

Cooper did find it a little disconcerting when Alvin started talking to him though. Alvin the Allosaurus is great fun not just for preschoolers who love Dinosaur Train, but for any child who enjoys playing with dinosaurs. He’s really well made and easy to operate. Plus, the batteries were already installed for me, which is always a major plus!

Buy It or Win It!

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Dinosaur Train's Extreme InterAction Alvin Review