Forget Me Not Book Tour: Excerpt

Forget Me Not is the second installment in the Mystic Wolves series by Belinda Boring. If you haven’t had a chance to read the first book,  The Mystic WolvesForget Me Not Book Tour: Excerpt, you can snag a free Kindle copy at Amazon. Read on for an excerpt from Forget Me Not.

 Forget Me Not Book Excerpt

“Did you sleep well?”

“I did, thank you. And you?” I spoke with a level voice, reminding myself the importance of being polite. I’d found a note on my pillow from Mason saying he was leaving to talk with the Council, and if things went the way we hoped, we’d only have to deal with Amber for a few more hours. I could do anything for that long.

The feeling she was up to something hadn’t disappeared over night. In fact, it had grown stronger. Every pair of eyes on us—watching—and I was adamant I wouldn’t show my concerns.

“I tossed and turned, but I expected that with everything that’s happened.” She reached for the bottle of orange juice, and began to pour a glass. Raising my eyebrows at her helping herself to my things, it was plain to see she was nervous, and I turned to get a second cup. “People have been asking questions, and I wasn’t sure what you wanted me to say.”

“I can imagine. They know you have a history with Mason, so they’re wondering why you’re here. I’d tell them the truth—you had problems with your own pack, and came here seeking asylum.” Taking a sip of juice, I licked my lips before adding, “I’d leave off the part about thinking you’re Mason’s mate still. I’m sure you don’t need any more enemies.”

I saw the look of shock in her eyes that I would talk so bluntly, but I ignored it. Turning to the stove, I cracked two eggs into the frying pan and laid out some strips of bacon.

“We’re not sure how long you’ll be here, Amber, but I don’t want any more drama. My pack has gone through a lot, and we’re trying to heal from it. You’re staying as a guest, and—I won’t tolerate any game playing. If that’s what you’re doing, it’s better you leave now.” I caught her gaze and held it. It was a deliberate warning, and I didn’t blink until she looked away—the message received.

“I understand, and honestly, I really am sorry. I never would’ve acted that way had I known.” She reached to touch my hand in a reassuring gesture, but quickly snatched it back when I growled.

“Well, you know now. We can take it from there.” I returned my focus to the breakfast I was preparing, sliding the food onto the plate. She could apologize all she wanted, things hadn’t changed since last night.

I grabbed everything I needed and moved to sit at the table. I would’ve made it if it hadn’t been for Daniel blocking my path. Without so much as a hello, he stole a piece of meat and began shoving it into his mouth.

“Hey! Get your own.” I slapped his hand away, and he shot me a repentant look.

“Why, when I can pinch yours?” He grinned. Shaking my head, I offered him my plate, and grabbed my yogurt instead. No matter how tough I tried to be around Daniel, I also had a soft spot for him, and he used it to his advantage. Once he turned on the charm, it was hard to tell him no.

Forgetting his manners, he began using his fingers, not even waiting to take a seat. I watched as the yolk split, and the yellow center started dripping. It was messy, and I couldn’t pull my gaze away as he captured the fallen drops with his tongue.

“What?” he asked, seeming stunned to find me staring.

“You are disgusting. You know that, right?” Amber interrupted, and from the look of disdain on her face, she wasn’t impressed.

“No one’s asking you to stand there, princess.” There was no hiding the sarcasm in his voice.

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