Loving Your Pet Sponsor: Better Life "Love Your Dog" KitI have been in the process of switching to completely safe, non-toxic green cleaning supplies for a while now, constantly looking for products that make life easier while also creating little to no impact on the environment. Better Life’s “Love Your Dog” kit fits both those needs perfectly.

The Kit comes with six different products in a handy compartmentalized carrying tote. The cleaning products include: Simply Floored, 2am Miracle, Dish It Out unscented, and I Can See Clearly, Wow. It also include 75 biodegradable Dog Waste bags and a grooming brush. Everything fits perfectly in its own


Great Products, Amazing Performance

First of all, let me just say that I love the creative names for all the products. Simply Floored is, as the name suggests, a floor cleaner, while I Can See Clearly, Wow is designed to clean glass and mirrors. The 2am Miracle was originally created to clean nurseries and can even be used to spot-treat sheets or blankets, but it also works perfectly for cleaning up your pet’s area. We have a “cat room” in our house, which is basically our laundry gated off so the dogs can’t steal the cats’ food. 2am Miracle worked great at cleaning up their random spills and the litter boxes. It is gently scented with chamomile and lavender essential oils.

I Can See Clearly, Wow works wonders on my glass deck table. It doesn’t leave any streaks and really cuts down to the grime for easy clean-up. I haven’t had a chance to try Simply Floored yet, but I will be using it next week in preparation for a party. The Dish It Out dish soap is so gentle on your hands while you’re hand-washing dishes. I also really love the rubber grooming brush, it works great on my lab/collie with her shorter hair. Plus, it’s so comfortable. I just slip it over my hand and pet her.

All of the Better Life cleaning products are made from plant-derived ingredients and far exceed the safety standards set forth by various environmental agencies. They’re safe for marine life, pets, and kids. I am pretty sensitive when it comes to cleaning products, and these do not hurt me at all if they get on my skin. It’s such a relief to be able to clean without worrying about the damage I’m doing to myself, my own home environment, and the environment as a whole.

Better Life is a sponsor in my Loving Your Pet giveaway, so head on over and enter to win the Love Your Dog kit and much more. The kit contains $50 worth of products, but it’s currently on sale on the site for $42.49. Be sure to check them out on Facebook for news, deals, and special offers.