If your kids are lucky enough to go to a school wear uniforms aren’t mandated yet (sorry, uniform-loving moms, I’m totally on the other side of the fence on that one), you know that picking back-to-school clothes can be a challenge. It’s a challenge that I actually enjoy, though, because I think clothes are a great way for kids to show off their personalities. Simply put, clothes should be fun! Tasteful, of course, but fun. NiGi USA not only offers tasteful and fun clothes, each piece is hand-designed, so your child’s entire outfit is basically a one-of-a-kind creation. What makes a better “first day back” impression than something that absolutely no one else has?

About NiGi

The first thing about NiGi USA that really stood out to me was the fact that the company has been family-run for over 20 years. It is run by sisters who lovingly create every single piece of clothing. To me, there is just something special about receiving something, be it clothes, jewelry, or anything else, that is the product of another person’s creativity and hard work. It just has a different energy to it (sorry to get all new-age on you there, but it’s true!).

I also can’t say enough good things about the level of customer service that NiGi provides. Working with them was such a pleasure, and a real personalized experience. NiGi is managed by real people who talk to you like you’re also a real person and not just another invoice.

Clothes that rock as much as their customer service.

Customer service is important, but I’m sure you really would rather hear about the clothes, right? Well, they’re beyond adorable! NiGi USA sent me their “Chairman of the Board” set for Jacob to try. As it turns out, I over-estimated how big my child is, so they’re a little roomy right now, but they’ll fit him perfect come fall. Since the set is a long-sleeve shirt and pants, that’s just perfect. Technically, the outfit is part of their Cozy Pajamas collection, but the shirt is awesome enough to wear as a regular shirt too! Check out the detail in the surf board! I love the shark, he’s such a happy looking guy!

Send Kids Back to School in Unique Style with NiGi USA

The pants are the perfect complement to the shirt, bringing the “Chairman of the Board” theme a step further. They’re super comfy and lightweight, perfect for chilly summer nights.

Send Kids Back to School in Unique Style with NiGi USA

Great selection for girls too!

I love having a boy, don’t get me wrong, but browsing on NiGi USA makes me wish I had a little girl too. The girls clothes are insanely adorable and really classy. It’s not your typical frou-frou lace and ruffles style. Instead, they offer clothes that will have everyone begging you to tell them where you got such a cute outfit. I’m in love with their Yin-Yang collection, which features beautiful black and white dresses. I wish they made them in my size!

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Send Kids Back to School in Unique Style with NiGi USA