6948 Red to Black Spiderman costume Reversible Spiderman Costume for the Kid That Can't Decide!Jacob has been a huge fan of Spiderman since he was about two years old, and his obsession hasn’t tapered off at all over the last five years. He was the Red Spiderman for Halloween when he was three, and black when he was 4. He’s thinking about being Spiderman again this year, but can’t decide between the two. Thanks to Mr. Costumes and their kids reversible Spiderman costume, he doesn’t have to choose!

This is seriously one of the coolest super hero costumes he’s ever received. I’ve never seen a reversible costume before, and it’s like getting two costumes in one. Now he can be both the red and the black Spiderman on Halloween. He can start out as the “good” Spidey, and as the night goes on, transform into the darker version. Or he can wear one for Halloween parties before the actual day and one for Trick or Treating. Right now, he mostly wears it around the house for playing, he loves dressing up in super hero costumes.

Here he is modeling the Black Spiderman side. He’s trying to do his impression of a very serious Spiderman shooting his webs. He decided against wearing the mask for the photos because they tend to make him claustrophobic. Even during Trick or Treating, he usually only wears it for the first five minutes, then I carry it around all night.

100 3535 Reversible Spiderman Costume for the Kid That Can't Decide!

Here is Jacob’s version of some sort of Spiderman power punch. I have no idea where he comes up with these faces, but I love that he at least gets into the pictures for me once in a while. He’s going through that “I hate getting my picture taken” phase.

100 3542 Reversible Spiderman Costume for the Kid That Can't Decide!

I was really impressed with how well the costume is made. It’s sturdy material, and the chest and upper arms are padded to give the illusion of muscles. My favorite part, though, is how well the back closures work. Rather than just one little Velcro tab at the top that leaves huge gaps, this Reversible Spiderman costume has two closures that completely seal the gap. Even the tag manages to tuck in out of sight regardless of which side you’re using.

Although Jacob has issues with masks in general sometimes, the mask for this costume really is quite lightweight and comfortable. Like the costume, it also reverses to be either Red or Black Spidey. I would definitely recommend this costume for any Spiderman fan who just can’t decide between the dark and the light side of the super hero.


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