The majority of our trips this summer were less than an hour away, although we do have a 3-hour journey coming up for my brother’s wedding. Still, even though we may all be stuck in the car for just 60 minutes, sometimes that’s 59 minutes too long. Jacob gets bored in the car, and I can only play “I Spy” so many times before I want to scream. It doesn’t help that Jacob “spies” things that aren’t actually there. In fact, sometimes he “spies” things that I’m not entirely sure exists anywhere! Needing a change, I’ve tried to come up with new takes on old games. Of course, sometimes the old game is perfect all own its own and needs no adjustment.

5 Fun Games to Play with Kids in the Car (That Aren’t I Spy)

  1. Fact or Fiction– This is one of my favorite games to play with Jacob, because it can be adapted to his age and general knowledge of the world. When he was really little (around 3), I’d ask simple questions, like: Fact or Fiction? An elephant is purple. Now that he’s older, I try to make them harder, like: Fact or Fiction? The Earth is closer to the sun than Jupiter? We take turns going back and forth, and he comes up with some pretty outlandish stuff. He’s also very analytical, so sometimes he can rationalize something that sounds like it should be fiction and turn it into fact.
  2. The Alphabet Game-I’m not sure what else to call this game, but basically I pick a letter and a topic, and he has to tell me every word that fits. For example, I may say “Tell me all the animals that begin with the letter A.” Again, you can make this as easy or as hard as you want depending on your child’s age.
  3. Name that Tune– This works best if you’re using an MP3 player or at least a CD player. The first person to identify the name of a song playing on the stereo wins. Skip to the next song to keep the game moving faster, or just let it play and wait until the next song comes on to start the next round.
  4. Find the Weirdest Object– Tired of the license plate game? Not in the mood to look for every color car in the rainbow? Have everyone in the car keep an eye out for the weirdest sign, oddest looking car, or strangest random object. Maybe it’s a crazy street name, or a piece of modern art that makes everyone say “what on Earth is that supposed to be?” Have someone (aside from the driver) keep track of who spotted what. At the end of the trip, everyone votes on the weirdest object.
  5. The Quiet Game– When all else fails and the kids are driving you bonkers, I find that the Quiet Game works wonders. I think every parent knows how this one works: the person who can stay quiet the longest wins. This is one classic that I don’t need to change!

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5 Fun Games to Play with Kids in the Car (#culturellekids)