Almost Naked Animals: It’s My PartyUp until recently, I had never even heard of Almost Naked Animals, which is strange because it’s just the type of show Jacob adores. My boyfriend’s daughter knew what it was as soon as I mentioned it, so it must be popular among teenagers. When the chance came up to do a review of the Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party DVD, I figured it would be a great way to find out what the show is all about. Plus, the review including an awesome Banana Cabana package of goodies, which piqued my curiosity even more. I’m glad I did because, in Jacob’s words: it was awesome! He’s a boy of few words, unlike his mom, at least when it comes to his opinion on things.

The Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party DVD is the first volume from the first season, so you can see where it all began. It contains the first six episodes of the show, which is done by the same creator who brought us Fish Hooks, another of my son’s favorite shows. It’s hilarious and goofy, what more could you want? Sure, it’s not exactly educational, but sometimes fun is just fun. If your kids enjoy shows like Spongebob, or Amazing World of Gumball, and shows like that, they’ll love Almost Naked Animals.

The Premise of Almost Naked Animals

Basically, the show revolves around a dog named Howie who is the managed of the Banana Cabana, a tropical resort. Howie has a pretty short attention span, but he’s typically a happy little guy. The episodes follow the adventures and misadventures of Howie and his staff, including: Octo the front desk clerk and Howie’s best friend; Bunny the activities director; the eccentric Duck; Piggy, the master chef; Narwhal and Sloth. Howie often has to deal with competition form his cousin, Poodle. She runs a rival resort and is always trying to ruin poor Howie. Even her loyal henchman, Batty, doesn’t think she’s very nice, but he still follows her orders…more or less.

Welcome to the Banana Cabana

Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party

Along with the DVD, I also received a really cool Welcome to the Banana Cabana (I love saying that) package. It came with a tote bag, t-shirt, coaster, notebook, whoopie cushion and fake bug in ice. Jacob was ecstatic about the whoopie cushion, as his last one popped. He likes to play practical jokes!He also loved the notebook because he writes a lot.  Sal’s daughter got the tote and t-shirt. I’m keeping the coaster for myself! You can find great merchandise like these and more in the Almost Naked Animals Store.

Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party releases on DVD on September 25th and will retail for about $6.99.

Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party