Amazing World by Ganz: Fun New Online Game for Kids #AmazingWorldGameEver since I first taught Jacob how to hold a video game controller back when he was about 4, he’s been an avid gamer on just about every platform out there. I admit, I encouraged him to start playing because I really wanted to play games with him. Before Jacob was born, I was a huge gamer myself. I spent hours conquering the latest RPGs on the PS2 orbuilding houses and populating them with unique fake people on the computer. After he was born, I didn’t have nearly as much time to devote to one of my favorite hobbies, so I figured teaching him how to play would give me a chance to get back into it, even if I did swap magical realms for cartoon characters and kid-friendly games.

Benefits of Video Games for Children

Video games take a lot of flak when it comes to children and learning, and of course anything in excess can be detrimental rather than beneficial, but I’ve seen so many benefits to video games with my own son that I am happy I decided to encourage him to become a gamer.

  • Critical thinking skills- Jacob’s ability to come up with strategies for beating difficult levels astounds me sometimes. I remember one time we were playing a game and hit a difficult boss level, so I ran to look up a walk through developed by top gamers to see how we could get past it. Their strategy failed us, but my son came up with one that was just pure brilliance. We beat the level in one try using his strategy.
  • Creativity– Many games allow your child to create their own world, and in some cases, their own levels. My 7-year-old son is already more advanced when it comes to expanding his game’s environment than I ever was.
  • Technology know-how– Our kids are growing up in a digital age, and they will need skills throughout their lives that we never even knew existed as children. Online games help them learn how to navigate the basics of a computer, teach them how to interact with other users (make sure it’s in a safe environment though), and enhance their knowledge of technology.
  • Self-confidence– Tackling a particularly tough level or puzzle really helps boost Jacob’s self-confidence. When he tells me he can’t do something and I tell him to keep trying, he is so proud of himself when he finally manages to accomplish it.  Plus, I get to hear him say “you were right, Mommy!” I do so love being right!

Explore an Amazing World

Amazing World by Ganz: Fun New Online Game for Kids #AmazingWorldGame Recently, Jacob’s attention has moved to online games more than anything else, so I’m pretty excited to give him a chance to play a new game called Amazing World. The game is brand new and was developed by Ganz Studios. The game is designed for kids ages 6+ and gives them a vibrantly colored virtual 3D world to design all on their own while making new friends along the way.

Amazing World is free to play, just head over to their page and click “join.” You’ll be taken to a registration page and, after signing up, prompted to download the game itself. From there, it’s easy to play. The free version allows your children to choose a generic Zing, the character they’ll be playing in the game. Your child will play with and care for his or her Zing, and can earn prizes by completing missions.

Expanding Your Amazing World Experience

Amazing World by Ganz: Fun New Online Game for Kids #AmazingWorldGameWhile kids can always play for free with their generic Zing, you can expand their game play experience by purchasing and registering Amazing World plush Zings. Each one comes with a special, exclusive prize. Registering a Zing incorporates them in the game with a virtual representation. If you want to enhance the experience even further, sign up for a subscription to the game. Subscriptions range from $5 to $7.95 per month, with the lower rate accompanying a one-year subscription.


Check out this video to learn more about Amazing World:


One reader will win two Amazing World toys. The main entry is to tweet about the game, and I’ve made that as easy as possible for you. Just use the Rafflecopter form to send out the tweet. Other entries are optional. Giveaway ends 8/21 at 11:59PM, and is open to  US  residents 18+. Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond. Void where prohibited.

Note- The tweet on the rafflecopter form includes the hashtag #AmazingWorldGame , and mentions that the game is free to play. If you decide to craft your own tweet, please make sure to include those two things. Thank you.

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