Back to School Fun with Gutzy Gear #GettingGutzyJacob started back to school on August 27th, and he was definteyl far from excited this year. He begged me to skip the first day, tried to get me to convince the school that he has already graduated (from college, no less) so doesn’t need to go anymore, and basically flat out said “I’m not going.” A Gutzy Gear party was just what he needed to get him at least excited about his new backpack, if not the actual return to class. After all, the best part about going back to school is getting new accessories, right?

Mom Select really set us up for a great party with an awesome Gutzy Gear package, including 15 straps starter sets and loads of extra Gutzies to get everyone started. The boys loved the rock and roll theme, the girls adored the ice-cream cone and rainbow, and there were enough gender-neutral patches to make sure everyone was happy. Since then, I’ve gotten a few extras to enhance Jacob’s collection. Here he is, all ready for the first day of school (well, sort of, as this was taken while he was in his jammies, and he’ll wear actual clothes to school!)

Back to School Fun with Gutzy Gear #GettingGutzy

The boy never does anything half way, so of course he’s already completely decked out his Gutzy Gear straps:

Back to School Fun with Gutzy Gear #GettingGutzy

What is Gutzy Gear?

Gutzy Gear is a cool way for kids to customize their backpacks (or anything else with straps). The strap velcros around the existing straps of the back pack. Patches, called Gutzies, attach to the strap. While they have amazing staying power (these aren’t flimsy patches at all!), they do come off easily, so your kids can customize their straps based on their moods. Everyone who came to the party loved their Gutzy Gear and had a terrific time playing games like Gutzy Bingo. Jake is a little more confident about going back to school, although I still wouldn’t say he’s excited (I’m writing this two days before his first day and scheduling it, as when it goes live I’ll be on my way to my brother’s wedding).

There are dozens of different Gutzies to customize your straps with, including some pretty awesome Character Gutzies. Those are now on Jacob’s Christmas list, especially the Spongebob and Marvel Gutzies. Bottom line- Gutzy Gear is so much fun, even I kind of want to add one to my own messenger bag! Hey, grown ups can have cool bags too, can’t they? I would put the cute puppy Gutzies on mine!

Note- I received a free party pack for my party and to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.