Boys and Girls Clubs Back to School Blog TourI don’t think anyone needs to be reminding that it’s Back to School time at this point, I’m pretty sure we all know it! My son starts in about a week, and I’m stressing because the school hasn’t even sent out their letters yet telling us what teacher he has! On top of all that, I still have to get the boy new shoes, some clothes, and a few more supplies. I don’t even want to talk about the whole task of trying to get him back on schedule for school! He’s been staying up late all summer and sleeping in until noon. He is his mother’s child!

Speaking of school supplies, as much as I love the excitement of letting Jake pick a new book bag and lunch box, I don’t really look forward to the costs involved. Fortunately, I can at least scrape together enough to get him the basics. There are many parents out there who cannot do that due to their circumstances. To help them out,  Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) and Disney have partnered to launch the Tools for Back to School initiative. Through the initiative, it’s really easy to help others who cannot afford school supplies. Just visit the site and take the quiz, which asks different questions about the Boys and Girls Club of America. If you get five answers right, they’ll donate supplies to help children in need. Don’t worry if you miss a question, they give you several chances to get it right. The quiz only takes about a minute to complete, and you’ll be helping a child have a shot at a more successful future.

BGCA has also partnered with jcpenney to help children in need. Throughout the entire month of August, if you allow JCP to “round up” your purchases, the extra money will go towards the program. A little pocket change can add up to a whole lot of social change if everyone gets involved. JCP is also giving free haircuts to children throughout the month of August, so make your appointment today. I got Jacob’s cut done there and they did an excellent job.

Setting Kids Up For Success

One of the issues I struggle with when it comes to Jacob is getting him to set goals and stick to the things he needs to do to achieve them. This year, we really need to work on his handwriting because telling teachers that he’s practicing for when he becomes a doctor just isn’t cutting it. Boys and Girls Clubs of America has some great tips to help parents and children set goals, manage time, and even prepare for college. My favorite is the goal-setting tip sheet below.


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