CafePress Twilight Gym Back is Perfect for Back to SchoolDo you have a Twilight-obsessed pre-teen or teen girl in your house? If so, the Twilight Saga Gym Bag, designed by TwilightHearts on CafePress, is the perfect way for them to tote around their gym clothes in style. The bag features the names of all the major players in the series, along with other icons from the novels and movies. Your Twilight fan will love it because they can show off their obsession in a relatively unique way (anyone can have a mass–produced bag with Bella’ and Edward’s face splashed on it, but how many kids have a bag designed by a true fan of the series?).

About the Twilight Gym Bag

  • It’s made with 100% Nylon, so it can hold up to everyday handling
  • The bag measures 20″ long by 9″high
  • Folds up compact to fit in locker, book bag, or luggage.
  • Made in the USA
  • Retails for $17

CafePress Twilight Gym Back is Perfect for Back to School

The bag is really durable, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart midway through the school year. Plus it’s super room and will fit all your daughter’s (or your, since adults can be Twilight-obsessed too!) gym essentials, from a change of clothing to a towel to your favorite work-out sneakers.

CafePress for All Your Back to School Needs

If Twilight isn’t your cup of tea, CafePress has thousands of other items that make back to school shopping a breeze. For example, they offer a wide selection of notebooks for taking notes, backpack tags to personalize a store-bough back pack, and clothing that shows off your child’s favorite movies, bands, and websites in style.

One of the things I love best about CafePress is that just about everything on there is designed by a real person looking to show off his or her creative side. By shopping on CafePress, I feel like I’m supporting independent graphic design artists, which always makes me feel good. Plus, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can always design your own. Best of all, you can even earn money on your designs!

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CafePress Twilight Gym Back is Perfect for Back to School