Feed the WoozleTeaching children to be “good losers” can be a major challenge, especially during the preschool years. You’re always walking a fine line between keeping their self-esteem up and preventing them from becoming one of those kids who can never handle losing. The Feed the Woozle board game by Peaceable Kingdom  is so much fun because it’s a cooperative game, so technically, there are no losers. Plus it’s way more entertaining than moving a piece around a board! The game is highly adaptable too, so you can start playing with children as young as 3, yet switch things up enough to make it fun for kids in elementary school.

How to Feed the Woozle

Feed the Woozle is easy to figure out, yet challenging enough that it will hold your children’s attention for many exciting rounds. The Woozle is a cute little monster-like creature who is really hungry. In fact, he’s so hungry, he needs lots of snacks! About 12, to be precise. Getting the snacks into his mouth is the fun part, as the whole family works together to tame this starving beast.

Game play starts by rolling the die to see how many snacks you’ll need to feed the Woozle. Spin the spinner to figure out how you’re going to deliver those snacks. Maybe you’ll have to hula dance your way to the Woozle’s mouth. Perhaps you’ll be ordered to march! Or, my favorite, you may need to just plain go crazy! I love that Feed the Woozle gets kids up and moving, you can’t reach his mouth by sitting still!

The directions for Feed the Woozle are geared towards three different age groups, with slight changes to increase the challenge based on their skill level. Of course, you can add your twist to it too! Once children outgrow the challenges on the spinner, consider making you your own wacky challenges and creating a new spinner. Have an acrobat in your house? Make them somersault to the Woozle! Imagine how challenging it would be to hold a spoon while somersaulting across the room!

The game itself is very well made with sturdy cardboard pieces, so it will be able to withstand hours of playing. Feed the Woozle  was just  as an American Specialty Toy Retailers Association’s  Best Toys for Kids winner, in the “Games Play” 3-7 years category.The game also gets top kudos from   National Autism Resources,


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