Summer offers a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy the freedom of exploring their community while also strengthening the skills that they have learned during the academic year. While summer should always include plenty of time for children to explore their own interests, it is important for parents to always have a few ideas on hand to stimulate their children when boredom strikes.

Summer activities for parents and kids don't have to break the bank! Check out these 5 free yet totally fun things to do as a family!

The following activities are both free and fun ways that parents and their children can spend time together this summer while also saving money.

Free Summer Activities for Parents & Kids

Be a Tourist 

Every town has historical landmarks and cultural locations that many residents tend to overlook. These locations are often free for the public to visit and can offer a chance to teach a child about the history of their hometown. Parents and children can spend the day interacting with others as tourists in order to gain a fresh perspective of the rich cultural history that their town has to offer.

Visit the Library 

Libraries have become a hub of interaction and entertainment in many communities. During the summer, libraries often host special events for children such as reading clubs and author readings. Parents should look up their local library’s event calendar, and take advantage of some of the fun and exciting events that their library has to offer for their child’s age level.

Create a Photo Journal 

Children love taking photographs. Now, children can create an online photo album of their favorite pictures. Parents and children can go on a nature walk and snap images of flowers and local wildlife. Additionally, they can create a photo journal of all of their favorite summer activities.

Learn a New Skill 

Parents can spend the summer teaching their children one of their best skills. Whether it is cooking a favorite recipe or playing an instrument, children can benefit from their parent’s experience. For example, giving a child guitar lessons could lead to a child developing a new interest that could lead to further opportunities for learning.

Hike a Nature Trail 

Most communities have a natural area that is dedicated for walking and hiking. Parents and their children can make a day out of visiting a nature trail by packing a picnic lunch and plenty of water. Along the trail, children can learn more about the animals and plants that they find growing in the wilderness.

Summer activities offer the perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their children while participating in new experiences that will allow their child to develop new skills. By participating in the rich experiences that are offered by their community, parents and children can enjoy making memories over the summer break.