11334 420 My Cats Went Nuts for Greenies Smartbites!My cats are total treat fanatics, and they can be very loud about it. On any given night, at least one of them comes down meowing loudly to be served their snack. Cats are finicky creatures, as anyone who has one can explain, and I’ve bought them treats that they completely snubbed in the past. Those end out outside for the feral cats in the neighborhood (my neighbor feeds them). Alas, the outdoor cats didn’t stand a chance of snagging any of the Greenies Smartbites that we received from Greenies because my cats when nuts for them.

About Greenies Smartbites

  • Smartbites are a new line of treats that offer specific, targeted health benefits.
  • They feature a dual-texture, with a crunchy outside and a creamy center.
  • Come in three flavors that cats love: salmon, chicken, and tuna.
  • Each piece has less than two calories, so they’re not going to turn your sleep kitty into Garfield overnight.
  • Smartbites contain ingredients that were researched by experts to make sure they’re nutritious and balanced. Ingredients include coconut meal, fish oils, whole ground flaxseed.
  • Three different formulas include: Hairball formula (which my cats really need!), Health Skin & Fur formula, and Digesetive Care formula.

Willow’s Opinion on Greenies Smartbites

Although all my cats enjoyed them,  Willow, my “cow cat,” really went crazy for Smartbites. She kept coming back for more, and would have eaten the whole bag in one sitting if we let her! I think her pictures speak for themselves.

100 3728 My Cats Went Nuts for Greenies Smartbites!

100 3730 My Cats Went Nuts for Greenies Smartbites!

If she could smile, she would be! Although, in the first one, I’m pretty sure she was thinking “just let me eat my treats already and stop calling my name so I look at your strange contraption that is currently attached to your face.”  She loves them because they’re delicious. I love them because they’re good for her, and of course because they make her so happy. Isn’t she a pretty kitty?


Review Disclaimer1 My Cats Went Nuts for Greenies Smartbites!

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