Live action safe shooting games have come a long way from the days of Nerf and water guns. While these old school weapons still offer plenty of fun, especially water guns on a hot summer day, there are now plenty of other options for live action play.

High Tech Excitement

Laser technology has become inexpensive enough that it can now be offered for gaming. Laser skeet shooting is a fun, safe alternative to shooting with real weapons. The gaming system uses three plastic disks that break apart in two pieces each time an accurate shot is fired. The disks snap back together for reuse. Some systems can even be used indoors.

An afternoon spent at the local laser tag arcade is a great way to get out of the summer heat. This modern version of playing good guys and bad guys allows a group of friends to work off some energy and have fun doing it.

Paintball Shooting Games

Shooting games are another fun way to interact with friends or neighbors, with the added thrill of getting messy with paint or water.  Shooters from JT SplatMaster contain nontoxic low-staining biodegradable paint, so they can be used for target practice in your own backyard.  If there’s a field or woods nearby, the live action gamers can take their play to the next level.

Role-Playing Games

There are many variations on live action role-playing games. Some are strictly played in real time with stories made up as the play continues. These games may include costumes and toy weapons or other props. Other games combine live action play with computer gaming.

Playing live action games is a great way to get exercise and use the imagination. Interacting with others during play increases social skills and is a lot of fun. Live action games are also a fantastic way to unhook from electronic equipment for a few hours.