Relax In Your Backyard with a Hammock from the HammockProsMy boyfriend, Sal, has been talking about getting a hammock pretty much since we first started dating in the dead of winter. Earlier this month, he finally got his wish….sort of. We received the Palmetto Polyester Green Color Rope Hammock from the HammockPros, but due to various issues (most of which were not the fault of the hammock), we haven’t really gotten a chance to enjoy it yet. Note that the picture over there on the left is the stock picture. It’s up all nice and neat, the way a hammock should be. My picture will come later. I want to say upfront that this isn’t a negative review of the hammock or HammockPros. We love the hammock itself, it looks really sturdy and comfortable. This is more about our issues getting it up.

The Right Way to Set up a Hammock

  • Get hammock
  • Get Hammock Stand
  • Place hammock stand on relatively flat surface
  • Attach hammock to stand
  • Relax

The Wrong Way to Set up a Hammock

Okay, first, let me say in our defense, the weather has been really cruddy here this year. It’s been raining almost every day, and it’s kind of hard to enjoy a hammock when water is pounding down on your face. We waited until we had ideal weather (basically, until my review was so late that I said any weather is ideal!). It was a nice afternoon though, so that was a plus.

I also encountered an issue because the hanging hardware was missing. I am writing HammockPros to find out what happened there, and they’ve been so wonderful to deal with in the past, so I’m sure they’ll fix that for me. In the meantime, we did go out and buy hooks, but they’re clearly not designed for hammocks. Sal screwed them into the trees, but either we didn’t put it high enough or make it taut enough, because when Jacob sat on it, the hammock sagged to the ground.

Relax In Your Backyard with a Hammock from the HammockPros


About the Palmetto Rope Hammock

  • Holds up to 450 pounds
  • The “bed” part is large enough for two people, perfect for snuggling on a cool fall night.
  • 13-feet in total length
  • Made with colorfast polyester rope, so it wont fade easily
  • 5-foot wide hardwood spreader bars

Like I said, the hammock itself is great, and I know we’ll enjoy it once we overcome the challenges in actually getting it set up.